Training and Seminars

BHMC Training & Seminars


BHMC is a purpose pursing, legacy making, transgenerational, destiny transforming mission. It is indeed a multipurpose and multifunctional work. In BHMC, we are driven by our passion and Fear of Allaah in our belief. We are happy and do it for pleasure, despite being free, because it’s all about passion and interest

We are very sure that if we train and prepare one young adult for marriage, we build a building block to restoring the dignity of marriage and family; if we keep one couple together, we help parents raise healthy and happy children; if we save one family from divorce, we help a couple to become model of marriage to their children, their mosque, their environment and states. If we train and equip one IMAM or Ustadh or Abu or Umm (Khimarite or Niqaabi), we touch and transform an entire congregation and community. This is because the changes will surely manifest The wise people say if you change, people will see it in you.

BHMC is planning to engage in certifying Marriage Mentors and Masters Mentors all over Nigerian states Bi Ithnillaah, who will in turn be training others within their spheres of influence. BHMC is already holding an online Counseling.

At present the organization is collecting token for the Pre-Marital Counseling while still planning for an Onsite classes at various states soonest *by Allah’s grace


Out faculty members or agents are highly accomplished individuals who are fully credentialed by BHMC. All our faculty members or agents are heads in their various parastatals.

These men and women have labored with us live and online and have shared our vision of servant leadership. They are men and women who are passionate about Marriage and Family. Academically, our agents are representatives of all spectrums: Lawyers, Lecturers, Social Scientist, Doctors and Nurses, Teachers, Engineers, Counselors, Students as well as Business Men and Women etc.


We are looking for men and women with passion to help couples and families. If you got passion,we give you structure and skills. As it is said: “Zeal without knowledge is destructive.”Also,”If the axe is dull and its edge unsharpened, more strength is needed, but skill will bring success”

BHMC is unique because you learn Counseling upon Kitaabu was Sunnah. We therefore urge you to prepare to join the movement and register for the Marriage course.

We pray Allah provides for our needs and bless our incomes.

Our mission

Our missions at BHMC are to:

  1. Identify Brothers, Sisters, Men and Women with PASSION for Marriage and Relationship.
  2. Empower them.
  3. Educate them.
  4. Equip them.
  5. Commission them to join the soldier(s) of Allaah with the most modern skills and resources.

We pray Allah ease our tasks and make possible our plans

Our Offers

  • Training
  • Certificates

Second Seminar

Two Days seminar

Topic: Divorce, its signs, causes & solution in islam

sat. 28th dec, 2019
sun. 29th dec, 2019

TIME: 8:30 pm (nigeria time)

venue: mbc platform (whatsapp)

training fee:
n1,000 = married
n500 =singles

two (2) days seminar

Topic: love & mercy in marriage

sat. 28th dec, 2019
sun. 29th dec, 2019

Third Seminar

TIME: 8:30 pm (nigeria time)

venue: mbc platform (whatsapp)

training fee:
n1,000 = married
n500 =singles


DATE: 10TH - 24TH AUGUST, 2020




  1. Marriage & Relationship Certification Course (N15,000)
  2. Marriage & Relationship Advance Course (N20,000)