Sex Education

Sex Education

SEX may be defined as a physical activity in which people touch each other’s bodies, kiss each other, OR physical activity that is related to and often includes sexual intercourse.

When talking about Marriage, and SEX is not discussed, then the Marriage preparation is not complete. This is because Sex is part of Marriage and Marriage is part of Sex. Whoever is having it out of wedlock is tagged Zaniy and Zaniyyah (fornicator and fornicatress). Sex is beautiful, Sex is divine and Allaah Subuhanahu Wa Ta’ala discussed about sex and Prophet Muhammad keep on talking about it until he died.

Sex is described in the Quran. The Quran talked a lot about sex and a lot of Hadith are upon it. Scholars wrote a lot of books on it and explained lots on it. Sex was invented by Allaah Subuhanahu Wa Ta’ala and not human being. But today, it has been misused and perverted by Shaytaan and human being that, the impression has been created that SEX is ugly and sinful to be discussed.

We want to be learning in this piece of writing by BHMC that on the contrary, SEX is Allaah’s wonderful invention. When practised within the confines of Allaah’s Will, sex can only lead to more JOY and PEACE in the Marriage.

Sexual intercourse can be very pleasurable and enjoyable to both partners (husband and wife). However, it is an art that must be learnt and developed upon Kitaabu-Was-Sunnah. Sex is not about scoring 10 out of 10 for your performance, it is about having fun with your partner and showing care. So couples should relax and be prepared to learn about a new world.

To achieve this, you should first have a LOVING and COMFORTABLE Relationship/Marriage. In the atmosphere of LOVE and TRUST, you are free to shed all inhibitions and open up completely to your partner emotionally.

Sex enhances the love between the husband and wife. It brings couples to close together. Most hard feelings melt during and after sex. Why commit fornication when you can commit Love?

Regular sex is a privilege for the Muslim couple. It is Allaah’s gift to us from the day we marry till the day we die. So, let’s make use of this Gift.

The sexual life of a couple is the thermometer of their Love and Mercy. Without it, there won’t be Love and Mercy. Allaah says in Quran 30 (Suratul Rum) verse 21:

And among His Signs is that He created for you wives from among yourselves, that you may find repose (tranquility) in them, and He has put between you Love and Mercy. Verily, in that are indeed signs for a people who reflect.

Scholars made us realize that the TRANQUILITY in Marriage is the Sex. In the Arabic context, Marriage means Sex. When there is no Sex in Marriage, there will be no Marriage. It is only in Islam that a man and woman come together to have sex and still earn a reward for it. Chai, you gbadun yourself with the divine water ALLAAH created in our body and yet receive the audacious reward. Prophet Muhammad told us this.

Salaallahu Alayhis Was Salaam