Polygamy Counseling

Polygamy Counseling

Polygamy can be broken down into two sub-types:

  • Polyandry is when a woman has multiple husbands. ❌
  • Polygyny occurs when a man has multiple wives. ✅

In the global world, Polygyny has been a no go area for many WOMEN due to what they heard and saw how MEN misuse the WORLD OF POLYGYNY. It is a permissible institution for men to apply for but with a condition of being JUST within the wives. And a Sunnah of the Prophet of Allaah and the Sahabahs.

In our present time, the practise of polygyny is becoming scary and a no go area for sisters and Umm’s. WHY?

⚜️ This is because of the way we are practising it in our society.

⚜️ The way men had seen it to be (not the way Allaah has instituted it).

And many more.

Polygyny had been in existence before WE are given birth to. Many men had done it in Islam and many are still doing it continuously and successfully, BUT WHAT WENT WRONG in our own time and period.

This is what a Marriage Counselor will have to fish out and look for a way out it can be successfully upon Kitaabu-Was-Sunnah in BHMC Bi Ithnillaah. With the help of BOOKS written by scholars on it, we will all laugh last if we all (husband and wives) follow it with an open mind.

BHMC is expecting YOU!!!