M B C 5

*As Salaamu Alaykum to ALL!!!*

_The seminar is knocking!_

*The remaining days are numbered!*

_The seminar is for all, it’s for both bachelors, bachelorette, and married ones!_

*It is for bachelors and bachelorette to be aware and informed about what’s ahead of them after their Nikaah to enable them to prepare for it. The majority of the things to be learned there will be hardly told by our parents or public lectures due to shyness or publicly!*

_Marriage is a course on its own that you won’t know all except you seek for its knowledge!_

*BHMC is here for you to take you to a good one-week seminar on some vital topics!*
_Register today! The money to register is too small which you all know!_

*After transferring or depositing the money to the account number on the flyer, send your evidence of payment to any of our admins to add you to the seminar group.*

_Do does not miss it!_

*It will be very interesting!*

_Allah says_ *“Ask the knowledgeable one’s if you don’t know”*
_BHMC is for you all!