Evils of Comparison 3F(iv)

When You Allow Beauty To Die Pre-Matured:

One of the ways that make us worthless to our partners, is the way we package and carry ourselves. I have seen some women whose children are University graduates yet they look as if they just wedded weeks ago. I have also seen young sisters whose after the first child, they appear as if they are over aged. Such sisters dress, talk and act to show that absolutely there is nothing to showcase again. Product don finish. And some brothers too will complain Ustadh, sisters are not accepting my proposal. Why would they? Look at your dressing? Your uncombed and un-oiled beard. Your ummatched clothes and sandals.

Yes!!! I know you will say it. Is it compulsory? But it is not Haraam either. Not Haraam to look good and Maa Shaa Allaah. I remember when we are Fine boy looking SEXY. Alhamdulillah, we are still Fine man looking SEXY. Ask those who had seen US. Dirtiness is not part of Islam and will never be!!!

There are men too in which practically refuse to be aged. They remain trim and fit years upon years after marriage even with all comfort. Yet there are some men too who blew completely out of shape just because of few years of good feeding at home. The protruding tummy, poorly groomed looks and very fatherly dispositions keep the young wife thinking, ‘how long will i cope with this figure?‘ I imagine that many people may want to push the argument of nature and availability of resources here, but my view is that, is all about interest and discipline.

It is really good to look good. Prophet Muhammad said: Allaah is Good and HE loves anything that is Good. Am not saying you should bleach ooo or put pancake and panmosa. A woman has her gait and comportment. I can’t be teaching you beautification now. If you are naked, be an indomie to your husband. If you dress gan, let him be eager to have you. Chai, some women don’t know how to look gorgeous and elegant. AIYE MI (My Life)!!!

A man too have to be physically “tantalizing” . Dress and let your wife be falling for that dress. Men!!! Lend me your hears at this juncture, some women fall for your ways of dressing wallohi. They are hungry for you physically and emotionally. Not forgetting some brothers who doesn’t take all these things for a second thought. Putting on color of Africa. Slippers upon Ankara. We know them. Brothers, don’t take things for granted. You may think your partner does not mind, sorry he or she really does. He or she is really bottling up things on inside and is dying in secret.

Have a close look at your Marriage. What flavors have you withdrawn from your Marriage? What values are you adding in your Marriage? or are you still at the basic value level? *If you have withdrawn from your partner today for whatever reason, what will he/she miss about YOU? As a young mother, is it possible today for you to repackage yourself and that your husband can still make a fresh proposal to marry you? As a man, do you think with your look today your wife can look around all available options to accept your fresh proposal? I am not expecting your answers; it is all a simple checklist to see where you could be the reason that your partner values you much/less today.

To all brothers and sisters reading this, the whole essence is that we should discover what has gone wrong in our Marital homes, Restore what had been withdrawn, Tune up what is going faint, Recharge what is going dim, Re-energize what is going weak and strengthen the loosening bond.

This is the end of EOC SERIES. Let’s meet again for another exciting topic from BHMC tagged MATRIMONIAL HYPOCRISY (MH) SERIES in shaa Allaah. You won’t want to MISS this.