About Us

About Us

We appreciate you all for your words of encouragement, support and prayers. Without a doubt, this is a Destiny call! Please take a few minutes and read about BHMC, we hope to have you in one of our classes soon. Allah willing, You will not regret it.

Better Half Marriage Consults (BHMC) is a research and training arm of the Singles and Married Forum. It is a Nigerian based Non-Profit Organization dedicated to restoring the dignity of Marriage and Family in our present Ummah. BHMC was initiated by Mallam Abdulkabir bn Ibrahim Olakewu (aka Abu Unaysah). He is an educationist, a graduate of (Arabic and Islamic Sciences from Al-Hikmah University, Ilorin in 2006).

He has been a teacher for many years and now a proprietor of Riyadhul ‘Ilm Schools in Lagos State, Nigeria. He is also a student of Chartered Institute for Marketing of Nigeria and a certified mentor in Marriage and Family Therapy.

The journey of BHMC started in 2001 after the Coordinator finished the Secondary School, but nothing like online then. He went to Madrasat to study Arabic at the rudiment level and grew up to become an Ustadh there teaching WOMEN only. From there, he became accustomed to women’s affairs. He did several lectures with them and always counselled them lots until he left for Al-Hikmah University, Ilorin.

He started a facebook page in 2014 named WINNING THE HEART OF YOUR ZAWJ (still there) and SINGLE and MARRIED FORUM (on WhatsApp). The name later metamorphosed to Better Half Marriage Consults (BHMC) and duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). 


BHMC purpose is to pursue a legacy-making, transgenerational, destiny transforming mission. It is indeed a multipurpose and multifunctional work. In BHMC, we are driven by the passion and Fear of Allaah in our belief. We are happy and do it for pleasure, despite being free, because it’s all about PASSION and INTEREST.


👍 To build a Muslim-Centred Marriage based on Kitaabu-Was-Sunnah Bi Ithnillaah.

👍 To lessen ways of Zina in the society.

👍 To ease the means to Nikah from brothers to sisters and Sisters to Brothers and ease the Parents involvement too.

👍 To reduce separation of couples if not eradicating it totally Bi Ithnillaah.

👍 To shorten COURTSHIP as much as we can.

👍 To enlighten us on how we can be balance emotionally in our marriage. Many are suffering silently.